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Sustainable Landscaping and Technology


Compacted Roadgravel, Pinebark
Mulch and Sawdust path


Plant selection plays an integral part in having a healthy and sustainable garden so plants chosen are interesting, tough and waterwise.

Also very importantly, they are SUITABLE for the type of garden that you desire. And we will always include a few trees - Essential in the modern waterwise garden.

Whatever style of garden it is you like we will recommend the most suitable materials and construction along with a creative selection of plants with seasonal change to achieve the look and feel that you desire.

Think Green Landscapes uses healthy natural local products wherever possible to create a healthy landscape.

Preference is shown towards sustainable building materials using mostly local natural products such as limestone, granite & coffee rocks and timbers. These are all sourced from local quarries in and around Perth.

For decking we usually recommend using either recycled & remilled Jarrah or 'engineered' Jarrah decking boards which are made up of finger-jointed shorter lengths which might otherwise be wasted. This system produces longer straighter boards with minimal bending/warping and reduced waste during production. All good things in our book!  


In garden beds, Think Green Landscapes utilises a layered mixture of Soil Solver (Kaolin clay based), manure, lupin mulch and chunky mulch (usually woodchips or pine bark) to create a healthy growing environment for new plants.

Soil Solver is a Kaolin Clay and rock minerals product which creates permanent improvement of the soils water and nutrient holding ability. In garden beds we combine this with well-composted manures (sheep/cow) and lupin mulch which break down  together to improve the soil by adding both nutrients and organic matter to create a beautiful living soil. Then a good layer of chunky mulch on top to help insulate and protect the soil.

MP Rotator

Pressure Compensated 24LPH Shrubbler

High Flow Dripline


In lawn areas our irrigation systems utilise highly efficient
MP Rotator nozzles on popup bodies.

In gardens we prefer to use individual pressure compensated shrubblers (one or two per plant) or high flow dripline.

Experience has taught us that in sandy soils, these products are by-far the most efficient and trouble-free methods of providing direct and efficient watering for lawns and gardens.

Lawn varieties are chosen for their hardiness, performance and care requirements when grown in Perth.

The turf variety we most often recommend is
Sir Walter Buffalo and occasionally Empire Zoysia if our clients are seeking a finer leaved turf than soft buffalo.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Empire Zoysia


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