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Demonstration Sustainable Gardens
Landcorp Revolution Road Development
Verdant Crescent, Seville Grove - Spring 2008

Design by Cherise Haslam (Garden Deva)

Jarrah seating, compacted road-gravel paths and lots of native plants

Native plantings and great onsite information to help you create your own sustainable garden

Grass trees and everlastings

These two gardens have been commissioned by Landcorp and Landcare Solutions (The group who run the Great Gardens program) as demonstration 'sustainable gardens'.

The gardens are part of the Revolution Road development which showcases alternative-building display homes and ideas. Come and take a look - It's an eye opener!

The gardens contain mostly native plants with natural materials being well used throughout the installation and construction of the landscape. These include natural limestone blocks, compacted limestone & road-gravel paths and recycled timber and railway sleepers.

The gardens were designed by Cherise Haslam (Garden Deva) who has a strong background in sustainable garden practices and design.

Natural limestone with Rainfill water tank

Sir Walter daybed lawn in Rainfill planter bed

Sir Walter Buffalo turf

Feature Jarrah totem-style poles

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