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Ponds design and installation

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Think Green Landscapes installs ponds designed in-house or from other designers. We can draw up construction plans if required for council building permits for significantly sized ponds and understand pool fencing requirements so can recommend and install suitable fencing if required.

We use a range of products from quality suppliers like Aquascape and Clearpond and combine these with a focus on creating naturalistic style ponds with a completely chemical free filtration system. Cartridge biofilters with or without UV light can be used, but we prefer to go even more natural than that letting plants and gravel beds do the job as they do in nature.

Our projects are built using a combination of a small in-house construction  team with regular specialist subcontractors helping us out when required. All work is arranged and managed by Think Green Landscapes.

A full range of complementary landscape design and construction services are also available to complete the garden around your  pond or pool project.

Skimmer Signature Series 8.0
(Max 40,000 L/hour)

Microfalls filter/waterfall

Filtration pond under construction in Greenmount Pond

Excavating pond in shelves and levelling skimmer box (Floreat)

Microskim skimmer box fascia installed (Floreat)


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