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Gallery of Ponds and Water Based Projects

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(Note : November 2015. This area of the website is currently under construction and some project profile pages are still being completed)

Greenmount plunge/swim pond

This project is a small plunge pond which uses NO chemicals. Filtration and oxygenation of the water are performed by a BIofalls filter and gravel and plants in the upper filtration bed. A skimmer box which houses the pump makes it easy to collect leaves and flowers which fall into the pool.

Wattle Grove Pond

This is a good sized natural pond almost 11m long and 5m wide. Our first big pond built in 2012 and a great eco system has developed in and around the pond over that time. It is stream fed from Crystal Brook when it is in high flow (almost every time after medium-heavy rain) so the pond maintains its own level without supplemental mains water for most of the year.

 Dwellingup Beach & Streambed

A couple of good sized dams already existed on this rural property but they had steep sides and were difficult to access so we built a sandy beach and jetty to enable easy canoe/kayak access to the dam. There was also no dedicated overflow stream for high rainfall events so we built an overflow stream bed to help deal with those while still looking good all year round.

Floreat Pond & semi dry creek

This pond has a fantastic visual connection to the inside of the house. The activity/study room, living room and kitchen all overlook it and see the waterfall. This is our first pond using a leaf skimmer box to house the pump which works very well in combination with the Microfalls filtration/waterfall unit.

Kallaroo Pond

Our client already had a sunken area from an old decommissioned pool and a good collection of moss rocks in the garden so we decided to make use of them in this small pond. They grow some edible plants in here as well as have White Cloud Minnows. It is topped up by downpipes through wet months.

Bassendean Pond & semi-dry creek

This is primarily a food garden with oodles of productive plants. The pond is rocked with WA sandstone spalls (a mix of Kimberley and Donnybrook sandstone). A semi-dry creekbed was also created here. Pond and streambed both have downpipes redirected into them so the pond tops itself up in wet months.


- Please click on images for additional photos and information -

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