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Ecosystem Ponds

Our Aquascape Ecosystem ponds work with nature, making it simple and easy to keep your new water feature looking beautiful with minimal effort. When we build these we hide the components within the rockwork and banks to create a very natural looking pond.

Creating a well-balanced ecosystem reduces maintenance and supports healthy fish and plants while transforming your backyard
into an incredible, all-natural, low-maintenance paradise.

These are great as fish ponds, frog ponds, or even turtle ponds. If you'd like one for your ducks we can build that too - it just needs more filtration. These can be scaled to any size from a small 2 x 3m pond to 100m2 or more.

In order to have great success with your new pond, it helps to understand the critical role each component plays in the ecosystem.

1. Skimmer - the skimmer filter removes debris from the pond,
providing efficient mechanical filtration and keeping your
pond clean and clear.

2. Biofalls - Biological filtration is provided by the BioFalls filter.
The BioBalls™ and filter mats provide surface area for bacteria to colonize, maintaining the pond effectively by keeping it clean throughout the year.

3 & 4 Pump & Piping - Water movement and circulation is another extremely important component to the ecosystem pond approach. Proper water flow throughout the pond maintains necessary oxygen levels, optimizes water quality and minimizes maintenance in your pond.

5. Rocks & Gravel - The rocks and gravel in your new pond play a crucial role in your ecosystem, providing tremendous surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. Similar to your BioFalls, these bacteria help to break down excess nutrients in the water and dissolved organic debris on the pond floor.

6. Pond Liner & Underlayment - We use Firestone EPDM rubber pond liner with a lifetime warranty. It is a very high quality liner with excellent flexibility and capacity to stretch

7. Plants and Fish -  Aquatic plants are the foundation of every water garden or ecosystem pond. Aquatic plants help balance your entire pond ecosystem, minimizing maintenance and maximizing optimum water conditions. Plants absorb nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates and other minerals that can lead to unsightly water conditions.

and Pond fish are an integral part of your ecosystem. Fish minimize algae growth by grazing on excess string algae growing in the pond. In addition, fish waste provides important nutrients for your aquatic plants.

Small Ecosystem Pond (Floreat) 3m x 2.5m

Large Ecosystem Pond in Gnangara (~11x7m)

Award Winning Perth Garden Festival 2019 Ecosystem Pond Display

Medium Ecosystem Pond in Thornlie (~5m x 3.5m)


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