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Landscape and Waterscape Design and Construction

Our focus is on designing (or working with your designer) and then building your natural style swimming pond, water feature and landscape. We strive to meet your needs and increase the value of your property through innovative design and construction solutions.

Our business ethic is to use local, natural and recycled products wherever possible so we often have a high proportion of elements like natural rocks, water, timber decking and compacted gravel in our gardens. Our gardens are also very plant-focussed using a wide variety of suitable native and exotic plants to create gardens with a lot of visual interest and seasonal change.

You will benefit from our experience working in gardens of all sizes from tiny courtyards to acreage. We've also designed and built a wide range of styles of gardens from contemporary to cottage to natural gardens.

Our mission is to make the process of having your new waterscape or landscape project designed and built simple, enjoyable and rewarding!

- We will listen to you and custom-design a plan and solutions to suit your needs
- Whenever possible we will use local, natural and recycled products
- We will create a waterscape and garden you will love to be in
- Our construction team will leave your property tidy and safe each day
- We will let you know if there are unexpected problems or delays
- We will turn up when we say we will - Or actually call you if we can't

Just click on the links in the services line near the top of this page for more details of how we can help you make your property all that you want it to be and more!

Where we Work

Think Green Landscapes is based in Darlington near the western edge of the Perth Hills. We provide landscaping and pond construction services through most of metropolitan Perth and Perth Hills, and larger waterscape projects in nearby country areas and the Southwest.

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